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About Us

                                                   About Us

Tayseer Consultants Pvt Ltd  is one of  India’s premier overseas recruitment consultants for various ministries in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, winner of numerous awards from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tayseer Consultants Pvt. Ltd.is headquartered in New Delhi , the capital of India, with  a branch office  in Chennai.

Tayseer Consultants Pvt Ltd.  was established and incorporated with Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in the year 1986.

Tayseer Consultants Pvt Ltd was licensed in the year 1986 by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) Govt. of India(now Ministry of External Affairs).

Tayseer Consultants hold a valid license vide license No: B0446/del/com/1000+/5/8504/2009

Old license No: 1080/DEL/COM/1000/3/2056/86 issued by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) Government of India ( Now Ministry of External Affairs

We are authorized to recruit more than 1000 personnel  at a time for overseas placements by the Ministry.

Our Experience:

We have over three decades of experience in the field of recruitment of candidates specially higher professionals for our government and private clients in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are equipped with decades of experience, latest technology ,vast data bank, and highly competent staff with remarkable expertise in Information Research, Human Resources Management, Publishing, Travel & Tours among others .

 We help recruit talented staff with right  qualification, experience and  other specifications within specified time frame. We have placed a large number of staff in various categories  in government and private sector, till now to the full satisfaction of the employers and staff in Middle-East and Far-East.

We select candidates as per the requirements of our client from   our  vast indexed data banks , if need be additionally through advertisements, and network of contacts   We have several levels of screening and elimination processes which includes in depth perusal of resumes, aptitude test, technical tests and personal interviews.

In nutshell we provide all the required services to our clients and candidates. We hand-hold our candidates through all government procedures and formalities, documentations, right from application stage to departure from India.

Our Clients

We are associated with Ministry of Health, K.S.A as their recruitment consultants for over three decades  in the  recruitment of Medical Professionals, Para-Medics, Staff Nurses, Technicians  and others, and Ministry of Higher Education, K.S.A  for past many years in recruitment of Professors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and other categories.

Besides we are associated with other leading government and private organizations, companies, universities , hospitals and institutions in K.S.A as their recruiting consultants for recruitment of academicians, medical professionals , Para-medics , staff-nurses ,technicians ,engineers and miscellaneous other categories.


                                  List of our clients in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Health


Ministry of Higher Education


Ministry of Interior


Ministry of Defence


Al Evan Medical Est, Riyadh


LCC—Siporex, Riyadh


Metsco, Riyadh


Al Ejaji Dental Centre, Al-Gasim


El Moisher, Hospital

Huraymala Cooperative Society

Darul Eba-Al Sharqia


Pionalla Coffee, Damam


Encocorp Saudi-Lebanese (Engineers & Constractors Corp)



Al-Mana General Hospital


Al-Abeer Inte’l Medical Co Ltd.


Abdul Lathif Jameel Group


Arabia Food Supplies


Shaddan Electro-Mechanical Services


SKS Group


Kawader Dental Clinic 


Agmal Ebteshama Dental Clinic


Balsm Alofoq Dental Clinic


Chairman: Ibn Soud Shabdeen


Managing Director: M. Nasir Hassan Arvi


Director: Tasnim Hassan Arvi

Director: Sheik Ismaell






Overseas Manpower Consultant

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Female MDS Orthodontist for Dental Clinic in K.S.A,"Skype Interview"
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Interview Dates Announcement

Ministry of Health, K.S.A Arar Region,
4th, 5th & 6th November 2016
Interview Place: Delhi Only