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Guide Lines 


Documents you should bring at the time of Interview.

  • C.V:  (Two sets.)
  • 4 passport size photographs ( White background)
  • Photo copies  of your  testimonials (Two Sets)
  • Photocopies of Passport (Two Sets.)

You will attach all the above with your C.V


Conveyance for attending Interview


We do not pay any conveyance for attending interviews.


When should you get your return journey ticket.


We advise  that you should not book your return journey ticket for the same date you have chosen to attend the interview because your interview may be  postponed to the next day or day after unless you have chosen the last date for your interview.


Types of Requirement.

We receive two types of requirements from the Ministry one is raw and another one is complete.

Raw Requirements.

When the requirement is raw the concerned  Ministry or Universities require us to forward C.Vs of eligible candidates for short listing purposes. They may or may not provide us with tentative dates and places of Interview. In the next stage they provide us with lists of shortlisted candidates and also exact dates and or places of Interview.

Complete Requirements

When the Requirements are complete we receive all the details: viz catagories, dates and/or venues of Interviews among others.

Documents required after selection and signing of Contract of Employment.


You will provide the following  documents in original for initiation of departure procedures and other processes:


  • Your highest degree duly attested by the HRD of your state.
  • Medical Report from a recognized Medical Center.
  • Passport.
  • Photo graphs 10 Nos.
  • Birth and Marriage Certificate in case  you are availing  Family Visa.

Consequences of rejecting job offer after selection.

  • In case you are selected in any University in  Saudi Arabia, you must accept the  job offer.  You can not appear in any other interview after the acceptance. In case of violation, Saudi Embassy will bar you permanently from appearing in any future interview.              

Consequences of signing another job contract

  • In case you have signed any other contract with any other Saudi University, only your first contract will be considered valid, if you refuse to accept and proceed with the first contract, all the other contracts will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to work in Saudi Arabia for two years.


Consequences of furnishing fake or tampered documents.

  • If any of  your degrees or testimonials interalia is  found fake, fudged, or tampered; penal actions will be automatically  initiated against you under appropriate sections of the law of the land, without any notice or warning by Cultural Attache Office , K.S.A. 


  • Besides, your particulars including photos identification details will be submitted for record to Ministry of External Affairs,  Govt  of India; Passport Authority, HRD Govt of India and Airport and custom authorities, Gulf Embassies and Consulates without any prejudice to the rights of Tayseer Consultants Pvt. Ltd  to initiate criminal and/or  civil suits against you to recover compensation  and damages among others.


  • You will be permanently barred from obtaining visa or  availing any job opportunity in Gulf Countries.






Overseas Manpower Consultant

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