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Recruitment For Medical Industry

Medical and health care sector enjoys the highest market share in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owing to growing demands of healthcare services and products due to ever increasing population, larger ageing segment and prevalence of long term lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory diseases etc. Therefore Ministry of Heath, Saudi Arabia, is putting heavy investments in order to meet the emerging demands through technologically advanced infrastructure, state-of-the-art medical equipments and superlative facilities. Also this sows a seed of opportunity for thousands of medical and nursing professionals, opening doors of shining career prospects in Saudi Arabia.

Indian medical professionals have carved a distinct place for themselves in the International medical industry and therefore they are the preferred choice of manpower for any country especially Gulf Countries. We, at Tayseer Consultants, help Ministry of Saudi Arabia, in recruiting the highly skilled and competent Indian professionals for various openings in health care sector such as:

  • Doctors
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Technicians

Providing medical consultant services since 1986, we have the potential and trained eye to spot the right candidate as per the requirements of the opening like level of expertise, flexibility to work in shifts, compensation etc. We also make end-to-end arrangements for complete medical staff recruitment process.

Clinical- Non Clinical Requirements

Clinical Requirements

  • Doctors - All Branches
  • Nurses - Bachelor Degree
  • Technicians - All Branches (Diploma/Bachleor degree - 2 years)
Non Clinical Requirements (M.O.H.E)
  • Eng/Maths/Computer
  • M.B.A All Branches
  • Medical All Branches
  • Physics/Chemistry/Biology
  • Enviorment Science
  • Engeeniring Civil/Mechanical/Electrical
  • Industrial /Architecture

Benefits of working with Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

  • Specialty Allowance
  • 45 Days Paid Leaves
  • Tax Free Salary
  • Free Accommodation or H.R.A
  • Family Status
  • Free Transport
  • Yearly Ticket
  • High Saving potential compared to India
  • Low Cost of Living in KSA
  • Saudi Arabia is the safest Gulf country to work and live with family or single
  • Education facilities for children are available in most of the cities in KSA
  • International work exposure in MOH-KSA

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